Before any surgery, surgical plans are carefully composed to reach the desired result for every patient. BLUEPRINT™ allows the surgeon to create the shoulder replacement surgical plan in 3D. This results in an increase in precision of implant placement and much more insight into the patient’s anatomy with the 3D printed patient specific instrumentation (PSI).


BLUEPRINT is a software program that gives your surgeon a way to produce a personalized, pre-operative plan and patient specific instrumentation for you before the surgery.

3D Planning – Virtual Shoulder Replacement

BLUEPRINT creates a complete 3D model of your shoulder using your CT scan. It is developed ahead of your surgery, which allows the surgeon to virtually perform your shoulder replacement and effectively determine the best surgical plan for you.

3D Printing – Patient Specific Instrumentation

Your surgeon may elect to order a 3D guide specific to your personal shoulder anatomy once the preferred plan for your surgery has been decided. This guide allows your surgeon to precisely translate the 3D plan to your shoulder in the operating room.


Studies have sufficiently shown that utilizing 3D pre-operative planning software like BLUEPRINT and patient-specific instrumentation allows the surgeon to meticulously position the implant and mirror the pre-operative plan compared to standard technique.